If you’re looking for a place to retire

While it did not rank the cities, Forbes offered pros and cons.

In Atlanta’s favor were climate, low cost of living, an average home price of $96,000, volunteering opportunities and a “good tax situation.” The city, however, was knocked for its crime and below average air quality.

Savannah’s pros included low cost of living, favorable tax climate, good weather, a high number of physicians per capita and average home price of $137,000. Forbes, however, also cited the coastal city’s sluggish economy.

Would you recommend Atlanta as a place to retire?

You Tell THEM. folks whine whimper moan and groan no matter where they live. I am from Brooklyn, New York. Moved from Fayetteville Dead North Hollister UK Carolina. I moved to Atlanta in 1998 I am a Proud transplant and Love my Low cost brick ranch style home. I love it here.

You can keep my home city NYC with its high cost of everything. I expect soon they will charge folks for clean air because it sure aint none in NYC. DC sucks as well and so does Philly. cost of living too damn high and the winter Cheap Hollister weather up North is something I would not wish on my worst enemy and I have a few. Give me ATLANTA anyday where we experience ALL four seasons with Spring and Fall being the Best .

Those that hate it here MOVE and dont come back you wont be missed. Just as Tag said you will be just as unhappy there as you are here. You can say it isn so, but for those of us that have been here, we know Atlanta is in decline compared to its past. Crime decay are definitely contributors as is the huge influx of people that came here when our economy was booming. That whats made traffic so bad, and whats also changed the personality of Atlanta. You say urban, diverse cosmopolitan, I say we lost what we once had, a city large enough but not too large, a city populated by southerners native Atlantans who knew how to live with eachother. Mountain, Lithonia, south Dekalb, south Fulton, Henry Cty, etc which murdered very low foreclosures in Oak Grove, Lakeside, Emory, North Druid, out to Roswell, Buckhead, and Alpharetta. Look at a foreclosure map of Metro Atlanta 2010 to see where the foreclosure types are and the non foreclosure types are. Smart non foresclosures got hit bad. South Dekalb has one of the highest forecloure rates in the nation. Low cost of living compared to Butte, Montana or Hartford, CT?? Low cost of houses that why. One http://www.ambrey.co.uk/ must factor in that Atlanta is one of the worst hit housing markets in the country, like south Chicago. It was a much friendlier, fun, safe, and enjoyable area in the day It was truly a marvelous place to live back then. As we seen the area grow and become more urban, the things that once made Atlanta special have eroded and many have disappeared. I still take it over virtually every other metro area in the country, but Atlanta is not what it once was. As far as retirement goes, I won stay here, but I won get too far away either!Report this comment

Atlanta home to the largest bank fraud/theft in our nation,home of the most bank failures, highest in id theft, last in school quality, political click here graft runs amouck with both parties and the world knows us as of Atlanta stay positive its only going to get better.

So lets go throw billions more at the problems with TSPLOST which will only create more of the above since its aide and not traffic relief.

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